5 Tips to Improve your Digital Marketing

Many patients use online search to find dentists and visit their website before booking an appointment. Make sure your practice website is easy to find, use, and has compelling information to optimize their online experience. Here are 5 tips to improve your online presence:

  1. Target local search visits. Set up local listings on popular sites like Google, My Business and Yelp
  2. Decrease bounce rate. A ”bounce” is a visitor who immediately leaves your website. A low bounce rate (under 55%) means high patient engagement. Mobile users will leave if your site doesn’t load quickly. Provide easily found answers to common questions patients have in regard to scheduling, insurance and office location.
  3.  Increase time on site. Add engaging content such as videos, biographies and office tours. Check out the ADA’s MouthHealthy YouTube playlist for more than 120 patient videos that you can embed on your website. 
  4.  Increase social interactions. Make it personal. Don’t just post and share stock content. Users are more likely to engage in posts about your office, staff, events, etc.
  5.  Inspire action. All of your pages should have easy to find phone numbers, call buttons or contact forms. Be sure these action items are trackable and reportable.

Visit the ADA Center for Professional Success for more tips on marketing your practice.