House of Delegates

The House of Delegates, as the legislative and governing body, is the supreme authority of the Tennessee Dental Association, and as such, it speaks for the members of the Association. There are 104 members of the House of Delegates which are designated annually by the nine component societies which constitute the Association plus two dental students, one from each Tennessee dental school. The allocation of delegates to the component societies is made proportionately based on membership. The House meets one time per year.

2019 House of Delegate Documents 
2019 Reference Committee Report
House of Delegates Informational Letter 2019
House of Delegates Manual 2019
Officers and House Committees 2019
Delegates and Alternate Delegates 2019
Agenda 2019 HOD
Resolutions 2019
Reports Board Councils Committees Attorney 2018-2019
Department of Health 2018 Oral Health Services
Necrology 2019
Council and Committee Appointments 2019-2020
Proposed Budget 2019-2020