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Wellness Committee

The TDA's Wellness Committee was established in 1981 to confidently assist all members of the dental family (dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants) who have become functionally and professionally impaired due to drug dependencies, mental, physical or aging problems.

The Wellness Committee is made up of concerned, caring, passionate dental professionals and has been fortunate in achieving a better than 90 percent success rate and favors treatment and rehabilitation of afflicted colleagues above any other alternative.


The Wellness Committee acts as an advocate with the Tennessee Board of Dentistry, hospital staffs, employers and insurance companies as long as the individual is compliant with treatment.


The Wellness Committee provides a confidential, non-disciplinary avenue for members of the dental family to seek appropriate help. 

Mission Statement of the Wellness Committee

To protect the safety of the people of the State of Tennessee, the individual dental healthcare professional and the profession of dentistry. 

Loneliness, fear and desperation began to invade my life. The first people I burned and let down were the people I loved the most. I finally reached the bottom. My life was saved the day someone called the Wellness Committee. With their assistance I received the help I so desperately needed. Recovery has changed by life in many significant ways. The most impressive changes are the choices I now make in coping with life experiences. 

Don't wait!

The Wellness Committee is here to help. Call 615-628-3200

All calls are confidential and can be made by an individual in need or by a friend, family or staff member.