The Tennessee Dental Association (TDA) and the TDA Insurance Agency are pleased to offer TDA members access to the TD Consortium Benefits Trust (TDCBT). The TDCBT is an association sponsored group health plan option which offers members access to the same cost efficiencies larger organizations use to control their healthcare costs.  With insurance premiums on the rise and no end in sight, the TDCBT is providing a unique opportunity to take back control of your healthcare future. 

Furthermore, we’re excited to announce that the TDCBT has selected Aetna as its new plan administra­tor.  We’ve chosen to offer Aetna’s PPO model as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of services for TDA members.  This exciting opportunity results in a greatly ex­panded and improved health plan for you, your employees and your family.

• Traditional PPO Program with In & Out-of-Network Benefits

• Aetna One Advocate (A1A) Concierge Style Customer Service

• Robust Network of Providers & Facilities

• 10 Health Benefit Plan Options

• 3 Prescription Plan Options

• Telemedicine Program

• Stay Healthy Programs

• 24-Hour Nurse Line

• Member Mobile Experience

To obtain a quote, contact the TDA Insurance Agency at 800-347-1109, or visit the website

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