The Tennessee Dental Association (TDA) and the TDA Insurance Agency are pleased to announce the TD Consortium Benefits Trust (TDCBT), a new healthcare option available exclusively for TDA members beginning August 1, 2017. The TDCBT is an association sponsored healthcare plan which offers TDA members access to the same cost efficiencies larger organizations use to control their healthcare costs. 

With insurance premiums on the rise and no end in sight, the TDCBT is providing a unique opportunity to take back control of your healthcare future. 

  • 6 medical plan offerings to meet your budget: Low, High, HSA deductibles
  • National PPO network. Click here to find available providers
  • Licensed by the Tennessee Department of Insurance
  • Potential for lower healthcare cost for you and your employees 
  • Available for groups of one or more
  • Flexible group participation levels allowed
  • Medically underwritten health benefits plan
  • Built to serve the members of the Tennessee Dental Association
To receive an initial quote, please provide a census of eligible employees. Click here to access the Health Benefits Plan Census Form. You may send it to the TDA Insurance Agency at or via secure fax at 866-791-2806. Once received, a TDA Insurance Agency representative will contact you with quotes and the next steps to obtaining coverage. 

It's just that simple! If you have questions or would like more information, contact the TDA Insurance Agency at 800-347-1109 or visit the website.

Learn About TDCBT Group Health Plan