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Roles may vary according to the volunteer’s availability and event needs. 

Speaker Host

  • Prior to the meeting, contact the speaker, confirm arrangements, and finalize equipment and handout requests. On-site serves as host to speaker and introduces speaker to audience. Scan name badges
  • Time Commitment Required: Minimum of 3 hours onsite, a few phone calls prior.

Room Coordinator

  • Responsible for lecture room prior to and during the lecture. Check on handouts and equipment, scan name badges. Monitor audiovisual, lighting, and temperature. Text TDA Staff for any changes or needs
    Time Commitment Required: 
    Minimum of 3 hours onsite. 

Hospitality Special Events

  • Awards Ceremony
  • Opening Night Party
  • Zen/Connect rooms 
    Time Commitment Required:
     2-3 hours onsite. 


Registration Assistants

  • Help support the registration process by assisting event attendees during the check in process.
    Time Commitment Required: 
    Half-day shifts—am & pm—exact times dependent on registration hours. 

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