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Welcome to the Tennessee Dental Association!

As of July 1, new limits on opioid prescribing went into effect. For dentists writing an opioid prescription for a maximum three days and 180 Morphine Milligram Equivalents (MMEs,) there are no new restrictions.

 A refill or second opioid prescription for the same condition requires the following steps. A new episode of care is eligible for a 3-day/180 MME prescription with no restrictions.

 A dentist writing an opioid for more than a three-day supply is required to:
     1. Check the Controlled substance database;
     2. Write the appropriate ICD-10 code for the primary disease somewhere on the prescription;
     3. Secure informed consent and provide counseling. *

 Anthony Carroccia, DDS, at the behest of the Tennessee Academy of General Dentistry, has spent considerable time developing an abbreviated list of common dental ICD-10 codes for quick reference. Both a limited and a more inclusive array are appended below.

                                             Click here for the abbreviated ICD-10 code list

                                              Click here for the expanded ICD-10 code list
                                                  Click here for the MME calculator link

                                              Click here for the TN-Together Flow Chart

*The Department of Health was expected to issue guidance as to how to comply with informed consent and counseling requirements for prescriptions exceeding three days at the July 12 Board of Dentistry meeting. Department liaisons accepted responsibility for not providing this promised information in a timely manner (July 1) as required by law. They promised to address both informed consent and patient counseling requirements within days. We will provide detailed information on such as soon as practicable. 

Welcome to the Tennessee Dental Association (TDA), home of over 2,400 member dentists.  This web site is designed to help you access information on oral health around our state and to be a resource to our members and the public.  Click on our Find a Dentist portal to locate a dentist of any specialty in your area.  You can easily find a dentist in or near your neighboring city simply by using your zip code.  Our dentists are not only members of the Tennessee Dental Association, but also the American Dental Association and their local component/district society.  We can help you find what you need.

Our members and prospective member dentists can find information on benefits of the association, local meetings, events and timely and noteworthy news that affects their practice.  We have a complete list of Endorsed Services and Partners that make your membership in the TDA.  Look for upcoming information on government affairs and the issues that are important to you in protecting you practice, your small business and your profession!  If there is an issue on the horizon that you have heard about or you are concerned about we want to know!  The Vision of the TDA:

                The TDA is the community of dental professionals and the trusted voice of dentistry.  We promote and represent excellence in the dental profession through the elevation of ethics, diversity, leadership, mentorship, advocacy and education to ensure the oral health of the public.

 We Here at the TDA Make a Difference!

Our members of the TDA use our ACE reporting system to make sure that all their continuing education courses meet the requirements of the Tennessee Board of Dentistry.  The TDA makes a special commitment to try to ensure that our members are upholding the ethical code and practice standards in the most outstanding way possible.  Our mission reads as such:

The TDA encourages the improvement of the health of the public, promotes the art and science of dentistry and represents the interests of members of the dental profession and the public which it serves.

Please feel free to contact any member of our staff and they will be ready and willing to help answer any question you may have.  If we don’t have the answer for you, we will get it for you!  Our goal is to provide you with the best level of a “concierge” type service to handle all your needs.  We realize that you are busy and we are here to help!  If you see something that you would like us to add or something that we have missed – please let us know!  Welcome to the NEW TDA!